Mechreck Group is a renowned company in the scope of commercial manufacturing of Metal Work and Steel structures from design to installation.
It was launched in 1980 by Mr. Albert Mechreck who opened a workshop for producing metal pipes and installing Air Conditioning systems. At that time the business started with just 5 employees.
In year 1990 the product line evolved to include designing, manufacturing and installing all metal, steel and stainless steel structures with the opening of a new factory in Hazmieh area and the increase in the number of employees to reach 10 technicians. An engineer was brought on board to supervise the production and to ensure it conforms to the certified engineering conditions and scientific requirements.
Mr. Mechreck’s entrepreneurial aspirations came to light in 1994 after winning the contract to equip Rafik Hariri’s International Airport in Beirut with Metal and Steel structures. This project was a spark that led three years later to building a new factory in Mkalles which extended over an area of 1,500 square meters and included 45 skilled employees, qualified to design and manufacture all metal, steel and stainless steel structures in addition to offering on-site consultations.
To maintain a competitive edge,  the company expanded  its plant in 2007 to cover an area of 3000 square meters and increased the number of staff to 65. The main objective of this expansion was to win contracts for the execution of major projects in Lebanon and abroad.
In 2012 the company became known as Mechreck group. It retains an unwavering commitment to facing the biggest challenges in undertaking major projects of metal work, contracting, steel structures, air conditioning. This challenge drives the group to new heights and prompts the management to pursue continuous training for technicians and engineers who oversee the proper implementation of safety standards and the adherence to quality and excellence in steel making.